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We match energy project Buyers with Providers

Infra Marketplace matches energy project buyers with energy project technical solution providers and financiers. 

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All types of energy projects supported

Some examples: 

  • Installing EV charging stations, LED lighting or rooftop PV panels at a commercial / residential facility.

    Carrying out a energy efficiency renewal of cooling/freezing equipment at a grocery store.

    Updating your heating solution or other energy efficiency measures in residential / commercial / industrial building.

    Sourcing for a solution for clean steam generation.

Simplify your buying process

Register at Infra Marketplace and start creating your energy project Request for Proposal (RFP) today. We estimate that from the moment you start drafting your RFP, within two months you will receive high-quality technical and financial offers from several qualified providers. Read here more about the buying process. 

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Origination boost for Providers

 Register with Infra Marketplace to get access to new customer deal flow. Reduce significantly your project transaction cost. Submit offers in record time and boost your sales.    

Infra Marketplace has both technical and financial RFPs posted for offers. All RFPs are quality checked before being posted on the Marketplace. Read here more what we offer for Providers.   

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Infra Marketplace digitizes energy project offer process.  

Source qualified technical and financial offers to solve your energy problem

With our simple-to-use templates and online assistance, you can create an Request for Proposal (RFP) to solve your organization's energy challenge.  

Our templates and offer process help you save time and money

Our templates enable buyers to draft quality RFPs. Our templates help Providers to submit offers that are easy for the Buyer to compare and understand. 

Reduce your deal origination cost

It is estimated that up to 40% of an energy project cost is due to transaction costs. Start saving and boost your deal origination with Infra Marketplace.  

Boost your productivity

Infra Marketplace saves Buyers time by helping them to find solutions to their energy problem. Providers can concentrate on what they do best: delivering energy transition solutions for their customers. 

About us

Our team combines decades of energy sector experience with software expertise. Contact us directly if you want to talk to us about your project or have questions about the Infra Marketplace. Alternatively you can send us a message  via the website or book a consultation time for free.